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Q. What can Edulink do for me?
Ans. Edulink is an independent international education and professional development organization with very experienced staff. We offer the following services: comprehensive counselling, application processing, accommodation, airport-reception arrangements & pre-departure briefing.

Q. How do I apply to study in an international destination of choice and when do I start my course?
Ans. You must submit an application form for each institution with a completed set of certified academic transcripts. The various academic years begins in either February, July, August, October. This will depend on the destination and programs However some courses are available throughout the year. Students are encouraged to meet our counsellors to determine future career options, institution suitability and provide ample time to process student visa and to facilitate better planning.

Q. Which is the “best” university in and which is the most popular?
Ans. Different universities excel in different areas. Popularity of the university depends on individual preferences and perceptions.

Q. Can Edulink recommend Universities or institutions?
Ans. This would depend on your qualifications, results and courses you wish to apply, as well as finances as each institution has different entry requirements.

Q. How much advanced standing/credit exemptions will I get?
Ans. This depends on the particular university and the grades achieved in your Bachelors degree. On average, 6 months to 1 year of exemptions are given for the course of studies.

Q. How much does it cost to study?
Ans. This will again depend on the destination and institutions you choose to apply. Most courses cost between US$15,000 – US$24,000(aprx) or equivalent per annum. While Medicine and Dentistry may range from US$43,000 – US$48,000 or equivalent per annum. The living expense is around US$17,000-20,000 or its equivalent per annum as per requirements of visa regulation. This may vary from country to country.

Q. Who can act as eligible sponsor for the student?
Ans. i) Vocational Diploma + Vocational Diploma leading to Bachelors. According to visa regulation this should be, Parents, Grandparents, Student, Student’s spouse, Brother & Sister should sponsor the student, Uncle and Aunt can also sponsor but only partially.
ii) Higher education Diploma / Vocational Diploma leading to Bachelors Degree / Bachelors Degree / Postgraduate Diploma / Masters by Course work. Anyone can sponsor, however, First Blood (Parents, grandparents, brother, sister, student and student spouse) are preferable.
iii) Masters by research and Doctor of Philosophy, anyone can sponsor.

Q. How long does it take to process Visa?
Ans. Students should submit visa application 4-6 weeks before the Class commencement. Student should submit Visa application with Confirmation of Enrolment of the institution. Again, this may vary depending on destination. For New Zealand and Canada applicants need to keep more time in hand as the visa processing is done outside Bangladesh.

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